Questions related to third message on the book Solitude


1. Recollect a time when you needed spiritual or emotional healing. Did you seek out people for help, or time alone, or some combination of the two? Which proved most helpful? Did solitude enable you to integrate insights gained from others?

2. Have you ever sought the healing a change of environment can bring? What were the circumstances? Where did you go? How did physical or psychological distancing assist in your healing?

3. Do you find that simplifying your life is an aid to healing? What specific steps could you take to simplify your life further? Where would you begin? What internal or external forces are keeping you from simplifying? How could they be overcome?

4. Recall a time of prayer or reflection that was especially meaningful for you. What was the setting? Were you alone or with others? Did you spend the time in silence, in worship, or in seeking some form of rational understanding? What does this suggest to you about the form of prayer (conventional or unconventional) that is best suited