Questions related to sixth message on the book Solitude

Solitude and the Life Cycle

1. Has it been your experience that opportunities for solitude, and the need for it, change throughout life? Which periods of life have given you the most solitude? The least? Are you experiencing the right balance between solitude and involvement in your present stage of life?

2. Do you see a need for more opportunities for solitude in the lives of your children, or children you know? How could children be provided such opportunities while at the same time being protected from potential dangers?

3. Do you think men and women tend to seek solitude in different ways? How does this relate to your own experience? Describe some practical strategies you have worked out with a loved one to accommodate your differing needs for solitude.

4. Margaret Guenther has written that crafting your life is a task of the older years. How are you presently crafting your life? What, if any, is the part played by solitude?