Animator’s February Newsletter – Ottawa

Animator’s February Newsletter – Ottawa

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Faith is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness

Hope you are all keeping well.

Church buildings are still closed but the church is very much alive. Like it or not we are being dragged into a new way of doing ministry and developing a new understanding of church community – one not tied to geographical location.

We have 3 new pages added to our website: Online Services; Online Studies & Activities; and Just for Children. If your congregation is doing something, let me know so I can update the website.

This month, I want to flag a few events – the Interactive Lenten Garden that has been developed by Tori Smith and the Synod of Central, Northeastern Ontario and Bermuda. See the detailed write-up in this newsletter.

St. Stephen’s (Ottawa) has created a Lenten Challenge for adults and children. Those participating in the challenge promise to read a set number of chapters. In the past, those who completed the challenge got their name on a cake which the whole congregation devoured on Easter Sunday. This year, however, participants will get a physical reward to help them remember Easter and Christ’s sacrifice. Sounds like a great and fun idea. Contact. Rev. Meg for more information.

I also want to flag two events organized by the Youth Working Group. This Sunday (February 7th), we are hosting a Virtual Coffee House for Youth Leaders, Sunday School Teachers, and those involved in Christian Education. Denise Beaulne from the Magic of Facilitated Training will help us learn advanced features in Zoom (to make it fun for us and our youth/children). See the detailed write-up in this newsletter.

The other event being planned by the Youth Working Group is our Virtual Winterlude Event: Cool Hands – Warm Hearts. It will be held February 21st, 3:00-4:30 p.m. (or so). More about this later but we want to build on the theme of “Build Back Better” and have youth suggest and explore how they think the church should be like. NOTE CHANGE OF DATE FROM Feb 20th to Feb 21st!

Stay safe and take care.


Presbytery Ministry Animator

(And here is the link to this newsletter’s PDF).2021_2Feb-S-G