Prayer Cycle of our Fellow Churches

We pray for St. Luke’s-Knox (Finch)


the process of receiving and distributing COVID vaccines in Canada.
creative and inspired ways for us to be the church of Christ in the world.
our global church family.
teachers and students as they go back to schools on Monday.
all those infected with COVID-19 and their families.
Doctors and nurses on the front lines.
Churches in our town and in the Presbytery of Seaway-Glengarry.
people who feel lonely and depressed.
opportunities to show kindness to others.
the strengthening of the family unit during the second wave of COVID-19.
the unity of our country during this stressful time.


To view signed document see:

Intimation declaring a charge vacant – Chesterville, Winchester, Morewood

The Presbytery of Seaway-Glengarry
Mrs. Ruth Pollock, Moderator
Mrs. Donna McIlveen, Clerk
Clerk: 1711 County Road 2 Johnstown ON K0E 1T1 – 613-657-3803 –

In consequence of the retirement of the Rev. Bruce W. Kemp, formerly minister of the pastoral charge of
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Chesterville, St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Winchester and Morewood Presbyterian Church, Morewood, the Presbytery of Seaway-Glengarry hereby intimates and declares the charge to be vacant and calls upon all parties concerned to proceed, according to the laws and practice of the church, to the obtaining of a minister to fill the vacancy.

January 1, 2021 Mrs. Donna McIlveen, clerk
Johnstown, Ontario The Presbytery of Seaway-Glengarry

Sunday School Cancelled due to COVID 19 – St. Paul’s – “Charlie’s Kid Club”

Please note that Sunday School has been Cancelled until further notice due to COVID 19



We are looking forward to when we can begin Sunday School again at St. Paul’s once the Pandemic is over. Please enjoy the Sunday School Activities that are posted on St. Paul’s Website.

Jen Feeny and Heather Pemberton will continue to take turns instructing the children when it is safe to reopen Sunday School classes. There will be planned activities for the children. We are looking for craft supplies and people willing to be part of a teaching rotation. Interested?  Contact Jen or Heather to volunteer.