March 21, 2021

5th Sunday of Lent – We Wish to see Jesus!

Passage: John 12:20-33

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We Wish to See Jesus!

Reading: John 12:20-33 – Jesus Predicts His Death.

On this fifth Sunday in Lent, and as we prepare to go to Calvary with Jesus then to the resurrection, we see lots of things going on in our today's Gospel.

- We've got Greeks wishing to see Jesus.

- Jesus talking about gardening, then about His death.

- then we see God talking to Jesus from heaven.

A little bit confusing scripture event, we might say.

In Today’s gospel, we see the Greeks in Jerusalem wishing to see Jesus!

What are the Greeks doing in Jerusalem at the time of the Passover festival?

The Greeks have always been curious people. They have had the greatest thinkers, philosophers, and intellectuals.

Now why did they wish to see Jesus?

People like to see the unusual, and what Jesus was doing was unusual.

He was making the blind see, the lame walks and the dead rise. He healed people and cast out demons.

So, seeing Jesus is more than simply seeing Him in a visual way. They wanted to see Jesus in the sense of seeing what Jesus might mean for their lives.

So, today’s Gospel gives us a wonderful opportunity to learn what it means to see Jesus, since it's Jesus himself who answers the question.

First to see Jesus means to understand how He is glorified.

The first thing Jesus said to Philip and Andrew when they told him there were some Greeks who wished to see Him was, "The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified"; then He goes on telling an analogy of how a grain of wheat falls into the ground, dies and then yields more wheat.

Why does Jesus talk about being glorified and then talk about death??

Death is not the last word anymore...

Jesus is not defeated by death, but rather He has got victory over death.

Second to see Jesus means to understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

Jesus told Philip and Andrew: "Those who love their life lose it… and those who hate their life - in this world - will keep it for eternal life."

This is something that contradicts our human understanding of the issue of Lose and gain.

The meaning of Jesus' words is, People who want to follow Jesus, will go through difficulties even death -- but, at the end, they will be with Jesus forever.

Finally, to see Jesus means to understand the purpose of Jesus' death.

the purpose of Jesus' death was proclaimed by Jesus himself. He said: "And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself. "

In other words, for Jesus and his followers, death is a doorway to the resurrection, to the real life. It is not a dead end.

And it is in the crucifixion of Jesus, the act of reconciliation between God and humanity is accomplished.

"We wish to see Jesus!"

May the quest of seeing Jesus, be our aim this Lent season and always…. Amen.

Rev. Samer Kandalaft
St. Paul's Presbyterian Church - Kemptville
Knox Presbyterian Church - Mountain
St. Paul's Presbyterian Church - Kemptville - YouTube