May 16, 2021

“God’s Transforming Power” Ascension Sunday Service on this Seventh Sunday of Easter

Passage: Luke 24:44-53 

Sermon Outline 

God’s Transforming Power 

Luke 24:44-53

Ascension Sunday is the last Sunday of Easter Season. We commemorate that great event of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ Ascending to heaven.

Luke tells us in his gospel something strange, that "the disciples returned to Jerusalem with great joy!"

Why the disciples returned to Jerusalem with great joy? What is the secret of this big change?

Today I want to look at the cause of this change.

No doubt that Jesus Gave Them a Great Mission that gave meaning for their life.

Now, the question that jumps to our minds is, "How can Jesus trust them for doing such an important mission? the disciples proved that they were weak in the past. How can Jesus depend on people?

We are just like them. we are just an extension of those first disciples. There are times when we feel afraid, when we are weak, when we do not tell others about Jesus. How can Jesus trust us?

The work of the church is God's work, Jesus started it and He will complete it. That is why Jesus gave the promise of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit would fill the disciples with a Great Power that would make them adequate to fulfill the Great Commission.

So, no wonder that they returned to Jerusalem with great joy.

The Holy Spirit transformed those fearful disciples into bold, devoted, and inspiring followers of God.  this is the power of the Holy Spirit who enable us to be faithful to Jesus Christ and His Church.

On that first Ascension Day, the disciple’s life, after meeting Jesus, changed forever.

On this Ascension Sunday, how will you leave your meeting with Jesus today?