April 25, 2021

Mission Awareness Sunday – Forth Sunday of Easter “Thank You For Giving To The Lord”

Passage: John 6:1-15

Fourth Sunday of Easter  - Mission Awareness Sunday 

Online Worship Service  April 25th, 2021

  1. Welcome and Call to worship
  2. Hymns:  “Come Sing O Church In Joy” +  “I Love To Tell The Story”
  3. Prayers of Adoration and Confession and the Lord’s Prayer
  4. Hymn: “God On The Mountain”
  5. The Scripture:   John 6:1-15
  6. Hymn: “Thank You For Giving To The Lord”
  7. Sermon: “Thank You For Giving To The Lord”
  8. Hymn: “Lord, You Give The Great Commission”
  9. Announcements
  10. Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession
  11. Hymn: “Jesus Bids Us Shine”
  12. Benediction  - “May The God Of Hope”


The Sessions of St. Paul’s Winchester, St. Andrew’s, Chesterville and Morewood Presbyterian churches has decided to keep their church building closed for worship until further notice. The decision is made for the safety of the congregation and all of our families and friends. Joint Worship Services with St. Paul’s, Kemptville and Knox, Mountain will be available online every Sunday morning during the lockdown at: https://www.youtube.com/c/StPaulsPresbyterianChurchKemptville  

The Annual Congregational Meeting of St. Paul’s Winchester will be held on Sunday May 2nd at 1:00 pm Via Zoom Conferencing. The Zoom link is found in the first page of the Annual Report Booklet. The Annual Report is available for download from St. Paul’s website. If you require a printed copy, please contact Jen Feeny at 613-220-3126.