July 11, 2021

Picnics in the Bible – Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

Passage: Genesis 2:7-25; Exodos 16:1-15; Matthew 14:14-21


Congregational Picnic 

Welcome and Call to worship 


-     Come, Now is the Time to Worship

-     Shall we Gather at the River


Prayer of Adoration and Confession and the Lord's Prayer   


Hymn: As We Gather

Time for Reflection with Hymn Be Still for the Presence of the Lord 

 Hymn:   As the Deer

Scripture Readings: Genesis 2:7-25; Exodos 16:1-15; Matthew 14:14-21

Sermon:  Picnics in the Bible

Hymn: I worship You Almighty God



Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession  


Commissioning and Benediction: 

-    May the Lord Mighty God



Sermon Outline 

Picnics in the Bible 

Genesis 2:7-25; Exodos 16:1-15; Matthew 14:14-21 


Well, here we are once again at our annual church picnic. Picnics are gatherings that include food, fellowship and fun that usually take place outdoors. So, today I would like to take a look at some Biblical picnics and see what we can learn about God through them.

Genesis 2:7-25 

Adam and Eve were created and placed in a garden and told they could eat of any of the fruit and vegetables of the garden, except from a certain tree.

In the garden, they ate food with God. God created Adam and Eve for relationship and God walked and talked with them in the garden.

This picnic story teaches us the power of relationship, God knows us, and we know each other through relationship. Picnics and meals are great opportunities to remember that our God is a God of relationship.

Exodos 16:1-15 

The story of Moses in the wilderness, when people were in need of food, God provided food every morning, it was called manna.

Picnics remind us of God’s power to provide, God provides what we need the most, even if we don’t quite understand what our need is. God provides for us even before we ask.


Matthew 14:14-21 

A biblical picnic that involved five loaves of bread and two fish.

The power of this picnic wasn’t so much in that Jesus provided food, because that is exactly what we would expect him to do. The power of this picnic was seen in the leftovers.

God’s abundance is not something for us to horde, it is a surplus that we are expected to share with others.


The good news for us today is that God doesn’t just restrict these things to picnics in the Bible, they are not just for the people of the past, they are for us here today. Amen