April 4, 2021

“Two Messages on Easter Morning!”

Passage: Matthew 28:1-10


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“Two Messages on Easter Morning!”

The story is told that during the Battle of Waterloo, a man used to stand on top of a great cathedral in London. His job was giving news updates from the battlefield to the people.

Although there was no telephone communication, there were flags that passed on messages from one tower to another.

The city of London was anxious about the result of the war against the French. Did they defeat Napoleon?

This man was standing on the top of the Cathedral watching for signals from the battlefield. When the message reached him, he waved his flags to inform the people of London. To their surprise, people read the following, “Willington defeated.”

They could not believe it and were very disappointed. However, as you all know, London is famous for its fog.

So, after a while, when the fog was gone, the man on the tower was able to read and pass on the whole message: “Wellington defeated Napoleon.”. London started cheering and celebrating.

On Friday, Jesus was on the cross.

On Friday, the cheering of the crowds stopped.
On Friday, there was a “heavy fog”.

On Friday, Jesus was crucified, and we thought we were defeated.

On Friday, there were tears, there was a funeral.

All this was on Friday.

Today is Sunday. Christ has risen from the dead, and by His death he trampled death. And those in the tombs, He granted them the eternal life.

On Easter morning the Angel gave the women who went to see the tomb - and eventually to us - two messages.

Do not be afraid, He is not here; for He has been raised.

Why this message?
Because - of course - they would be afraid.
The tomb is empty.
Many famous people died, and their tombs contain their remains.
Mohammad’s tomb in the Mosque of the Prophet.
Buddha’s ashes are placed in the Temple of the Tooth in Sri Lanka.
The Jewish tradition was to turn some famous rabbis’ tombs into shrines.
But Jesus tomb is empty, no body, no relics, nothing there.

We worship Jesus as a living God. He is not a dead person laying in the tomb. He is with us and lives in us. We do not need to afraid for our God is a living God. His power and authority have no limit. There is nothing beyond his control even death itself.

the angel told the women on Easter morning, “Go and tell”:

Go tell Jesus’ disciples that He has risen from the dead.
Go and tell, go and spread this good news to others.
the shepherds in Christmas story went and told others about the Messiah’s birth.
Jesus’ disciples Peter, Paul, James, Barnabas, Thomas and many others. told others that Christ is alive and that we are saved by God’s Grace and all those who believe in Christ get God’s gift of eternal life.

The Easter message for us this morning is: Do not be afraid, Christ is alive. Sin and death are defeated.
In Christ we have new life, therefore Go and tell this Good News to others. Amen.