Questions related to sixth message on the book Solitude

Solitude and the Life Cycle

1. Has it been your experience that opportunities for solitude, and the need for it, change throughout life? Which periods of life have given you the most solitude? The least? Are you experiencing the right balance between solitude and involvement in your present stage of life?

2. Do you see a need for more opportunities for solitude in the lives of your children, or children you know? How could children be provided such opportunities while at the same time being protected from potential dangers?

3. Do you think men and women tend to seek solitude in different ways? How does this relate to your own experience? Describe some practical strategies you have worked out with a loved one to accommodate your differing needs for solitude.

4. Margaret Guenther has written that crafting your life is a task of the older years. How are you presently crafting your life? What, if any, is the part played by solitude?


April 22 -Easter Monday

April 28 – Communion at St Paul’s 10 am

May 5 – St Paul’s Mission Awareness Sunday 10am

May 6 – Ladies Aid at St Paul’s 7 pm – Theme: Birds, Bee’s and Butterflies. Guest Speaker: Lorna Driscall on the Struggle of Butterflies. Share a Thought about Birds, Bees or Butterflies.

May 7 – St Paul’s Spring Dinner 5 pm

May 11 – Presbytery of Seaway Glengarry Hosts Moderator of Presbyterian Church Rev Daniel Chou Service at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church Winchester 6:30 pm

May 12 – Mother’s Day

June 2-6 – General Assembly, Sir Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo

June 3 – Ladies Aid BBQ Supper at St Paul’s 6 pm with guest Marnie Fossitt. Share a memory of your Grandmother.

June 9 – Anniversary Service St Paul’s Guest Rev Jill Turnbull 10 am

June 16 – Anniversary Service at Morewood 11 am – No Service will be held at St Paul’s

June 16 – Father’s Day – Join us in Morewood to celebrate their anniversary

July 1 – Canada Day

August 10 – Kelli Trottier Concert at St Paul’s 7 pm

September 2 – Ladies Aid at St Paul’s 7 pm. Think of a Bible Word, Phrase or character for each letter of the alphabet

September 29 – Anniversary Service St Andrew’s Chesterville 11 am – No Service will be held at St Paul’s

October 6 – World Communion Day at St Paul’s, 10 am

October 7 – Ladies Aid at St Paul’s 7 pm Bring something from the past that you use. Libby Pelkey will demonstrate scarf tying tricks.

October 16 – World Food Day

October 20 – St Paul’s Presbyterian Sharing Sunday 10 am

November 3 – Day Light Saving Time Ends

November 4 – Ladies Aid at St Paul’s 7 pm. Share A way of remembering – a reading, poem or thought. Phyllis MacMaster will share her travel experience to Belgium

November 10 – Remembrance Day Service at St Paul’s 10 am

November 11 – Remembrance Day

November 24 – St Andrew’s Day Service at St Paul’s 10 am

December 1 – 1st Sunday of Advent – Hope

December 1 – Communion at St Paul’s 10 am

December 2 -Ladies Aid Potluck and Christmas Worship Service 6 pm

December 8 – 2nd Sunday of Advent — Peace

December 15 – St Paul’s Family Christmas Service and Potluck Lunch

3rd Sunday of Advent — Joy

December 22 – 4th Sunday of Advent — Love

December 24 – Christmas Eve Service St Paul’s 7 pm

January 1, 2020 – Happy New Year

Daily Bread

The Session would like to thank Donna Wilson for her faithfulness in ordering and distributing the devotional booklet “Our Daily Bread” for so many years.

Starting in January of 2018 Donna will no longer be the lead for this initiative. If people wish to continue receiving the devotional you are encouraged to order it for yourself by using the form included in your present copy. You can also visit their website at and get a digital copy. Thanks again, Donna, for your faithful service.

Choir Practice every Wednesday from at 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.


Do you like to sing? Would you like to be involved with a dynamic group that enjoys sharing their musical talents?

St. Paul’s choir practices every Wednesday evening from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church 517 Main Street, Winchester. Anyone wishing top join is most welcome!

Everyone Welcome!

New Phone number for St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church: 613-656-2222

New Phone number for St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church: 613-656-2222
In an effort to reduce costs for the church and eliminate the problem of wrong numbers calling the church for taxi service, the board of managers has changed telephone providers. The cost of our previous provider was an average of $150 a month for the telephone only. After review of four local providers, the board of managers selected ACN who can provide phone, voice messaging and WI-FI/internet services for $82.95 + HST per month. This will result in a savings of approximately $600 a year for St. Paul’s!

As an added bonus, with this installation, and when we pay each monthly bill ACN will donate the cost of a meal for a child in our locality! We would like to take this opportunity to thank Sharlene Fawcett, the ACN representative who helped us obtain this service and donated the digital phone to the church. Thank you Sharlene!

Memorial Garden

Thank you to all who have donated flowers for St. Paul’s Memorial Garden. The gardens are beautiful!


Plants Donated By: In Memory of:

Arlene Nesbit David Lochead

Carol and Jorris Nellie and Harry Zubatuk (Parents)
Zubatuk Leonard McLean (Father)
Margaret Malanka (Sister)

Phyllis Donald, Doris and Mary Rae
MacMaster MacMaster

Kathy and Joe Mac and Margery Fraser

Donna Donald Wilson
Wilson Alayne Hicks (Daughter)

Kerr Grandchildren Art Kerr

Stewart Family Emerson and Evelyn Stewart

Tom and Jan Blanche and Bill Rintoul (Parents)
Clapp Harold and Janet Clapp (Parents)

Doris and Gary Aaron and Orma Stoodley (Parents)


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